2052-A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years by Jorgen Randers

Professor Jorgen Randers, Norwegian Business School BI, Oslo, Norway
Jorgen Randers (born 1945) is professor of climate strategy at the Norwegian Business School, where he works on climate and energy issues, scenario analysis and system dynamics. He lectures widely at home and abroad on sustainable development issues – particularly climate change – for all types of corporate and non-corporate audiences. Jorgen Randers is non-executive member of several corporate boards in Norway, including the state owned Postal Service. He also sits on the sustainability council of The Dow Chemical Company in the US and (until recently) of British Telecom in the UK. He chaired the Commission on Low Greenhouse Gas Emissions who reported in 2006 to the Norwegian cabinet on how Norway can cut is climate gas emissions by two thirds by 2050.
He was President of the Norwegian Business School BI 1981 – 89, and Deputy Director General of WWF International (World Wide Fund for Nature) in Switzerland 1994 – 99. He has authored a number of books and scientific papers, including co-authoring “The Limits to Growth” (1972) and its sequels in 1992 and 2004. In June 2012 he published “2052 – A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years” in the US. It has appeared in German and Japanese, and is being translated to Chinese, Korean and Italian.

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